Looking to Sell? Put these Tasks on your Radar

Happy New Year! Is selling your home in the next few years one of your New Year’s resolutions? Maybe it is time to downsize, or relocate, or make room for a loved one. Whatever the case may be, you should start preparing as early as possible. There is nothing harder than falling in love with a home and being unable to buy it because your current home is nowhere near ready for market. But this process doesn’t have to be overwhelming, if you start preparing now in an organized manner for the future sale of your home, you will be way ahead of the game.


Planning to sell this year?

If you are thinking of selling in 2019, congratulations! The seller’s market is still strong in our area. One of the things I would recommend doing right away is scheduling an audit with Mass Save. These free assessments will save you money and teach you about the items in your home that could be updated or replaced to increase your efficiency, and your appeal in the eyes of home buyers.


Another things to tackle in the short term is updating your fixtures and finishes. You don’t need to do complete room renovations to put your home on the market, but you do need to make your home move-in ready. Paint rooms in soothing neutrals. Replace fixtures in your kitchen and bathrooms with new, energy efficient models.


And of course, if you are planning to sell this year, you need to begin having conversations with REALTORS® ...which leads me to my next bit of advice.


Planning to sell Next Year?

It is time to give me a call! It is never too soon to reach out to me and begin to plan for the sale of your home. I love to come over as early as I can in the process of preparing your home for market to offer my advice on how to sell your home for maximum value. Our early conversations and planning will ultimately give you and your home a competitive advantage down the road when it is time to list. Having lived locally my entire life and sold real estate here for nearly 30 years, I can expertly guide you and advocate for you every step of the way.


Planning to Sell in Three to Five Years?

Think about your larger home projects that could present concerns to potential buyers. One of the most tricky issues I have faced over and over in recent years is an outdated septic system. In our communities, many older homes have outdated septic systems and this presents an issue to not only buyers, but to mortgage lenders. Additionally, many large home upgrades come with tax benefits. Replacing your septic system not only increases the value of your home, but you will also receive a $6000 tax credit that will be spread over three years -- as long as you still live in the home. Plus, by taking on home upgrades now, you can enjoy the improvements to your home while you still live there.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to me to advise you on the sale of your home. No matter what your timeline may be, I would love to hear from you!